CAT'S FOREHEAD PUBLISHING(CFP)は、ZINEや作品集といった少部数のリトルプレスや、紙の本としては出版しにくいニッチなテーマなどを「クリエイターの視点」というレイヤーを重ねたコンテンツとして電子書籍で配信しています。


We are a publishing label specializing in e-books

CAT'S FOREHEAD PUBLISHING (CFP) e-publishes little-press books such as ZINEs, books of collected artworks and for specific market, from artists's perspective.

Please look at Books page for the contents we have now.




ZINEs are mainly sold at events such as shows and art book fairs. They are an "artwork" with hand-made atmosphere and an important communication tool between an artist and audience. It could be a little difficult to get them because they are often little press and sold at limited occasions. However, you will be able to buy e-ZINEs at anytime and anywhere in the world.



You can buy and read them at anytime and anywhere

CFP only e-publishes our contents on Amazon's Kindle. On Kindle, PC, smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS), you can buy and read the contents at anytime and anywhere.
For details please look at Kindle page.

聴き放題のサーヴィスが音楽との付き合い方を大きく変えたように、『Kindle Unlimited(KU)』で「気になった本はとりあえずダウンロードする」ことが、読書体験に革命をもたらします。CFPのコンテンツはほとんどがKUに対応。人気の雑誌も続々とKUで読めるうえ、無料体験期間もあるのでまずは試してみてはいかがでしょうか?

Kindle Unlimitedの詳細はこのページをご覧ください

Unlimited reading is recommended!

How about downloading all the books you like on Kindle Unlimited (KU), just like you do when you listen to music? Almost all the contents of CFP are available in KU and you can have free trial period, so why not!
Kindle Unlimited is here.