mograg vol.04


mograg galleryが発行するアートブック“mograg”は、毎号「テーマ」を設け、そのテーマに基づいたアーティストたちによる誌上展覧会をメインコンテンツとする、世界中のビジュアル至上主義者たちのためのアートブック!

今号のテーマは「日本 -Japan-」


"mograg", published by mograg gallery, is an artbook whose main content is the on-magazine exhibition by various artists, based on the theme of each issue.

This issue's theme is "Japan".
You will see a "foreign country" in 13 kinds of Japan by 13 artists.
All the texts in this book are written in Japanese AND English!!

【掲載アーティスト / Artist in the book】
■Art of JAPAN
ICHASU /市場 大介 (Daisuke Ichiba)/岡村 優太 (Yuta Okumura)/沖冲. (Oki-Chu.)/かつまたひでゆき (Hideyuki Katsumata) /五嶋 英門 (Hidekado Goto)/小林 銅蟲 (Doumu Kobayashi)/はまぐちさくらこ (Sakurako Hamaguchi)/ HIZGI /ひらのりょう(Ryo Hirano)/山尾 光平 (Kohei Yamao)/やんこま (YANKOMA)/ WASTE STYLE

■インタビュー - Interview
Max Tundra / Pakito Bolino

■連載 - Series
'10年代のハコ探訪第2回『水戸のキワマリ荘』 (Gallery Share Space "Kiwamari-sou" in Mito)

■コラム - Column
青野 真- EXCUBEオーナー (Makoto Aono) / 石井 モタコ (Motako Ishii) / 川辺 恭造 - Aquviiオーナー (Kyozo Kawabe) / 小林 由美子 (Yumiko Kobayashi)/ 巴 トメ夫 - シカク店主 (Tomeo Tomoe) / 野中 克哉 (Katsuya Nonaka) / 福田 亮 - ELECT magazine編集長 (Ryo Fukuda) / 結城 加代子 - KAYOKOYUKI代表 (Kayoko Yuki) /吉田 アミ (Ami Yoshida)

¥1,000 / Kindle Unlimited / 164 Pages


*This is an e-book of the paper edition; 290mm*220mm -landscape, originally published in 2013.
The order of some pages has been changed when making its e-pub data.


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《著者 / Author》

mograg gallery


Opened in 2008 to exhibit "Japanese lowbrow art".
They mainly exhibit paintings as well as organize many shows by artists who we cannot put into a certain category or style.
They are also running a business of incorporating various products from the shows.
Managed by Motoko Ota, owner, and Oki-chu., director/painter.

《Paper Edition》

mograg vol,04
Sixe:/290mm*220mm / Colour&Black and white / 164pages
Price:2,000 Yes(税別, w/o tax )