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mograg vol.04


mograg galleryが発行するアートブック“mograg”は、毎号「テーマ」を設け、そのテーマに基づいたアーティストたちによる誌上展覧会をメインコンテンツとする、世界中のビジュアル至上主義者たちのためのアートブック!

今号のテーマは「日本 -Japan-」


"mograg", published by mograg gallery, is an artbook whose main content is the on-magazine exhibition by various artists, based on the theme of each issue.

This issue's theme is "Japan".
You will see a "foreign country" in 13 kinds of Japan by 13 artists.
All the texts in this book are written in Japanese AND English!!

【掲載アーティスト / Artist in the book】
■Art of JAPAN
ICHASU /市場 大介 (Daisuke Ichiba)/岡村 優太 (Yuta Okumura)/沖冲. (Oki-Chu.)/かつまたひでゆき (Hideyuki Katsumata) /五嶋 英門 (Hidekado Goto)/小林 銅蟲 (Doumu Kobayashi)/はまぐちさくらこ (Sakurako Hamaguchi)/ HIZGI /ひらのりょう(Ryo Hirano)/山尾 光平 (Kohei Yamao)/やんこま (YANKOMA)/ WASTE STYLE

■インタビュー - Interview
Max Tundra / Pakito Bolino

■連載 - Series
'10年代のハコ探訪第2回『水戸のキワマリ荘』 (Gallery Share Space "Kiwamari-sou" in Mito)

■コラム - Column
青野 真- EXCUBEオーナー (Makoto Aono) / 石井 モタコ (Motako Ishii) / 川辺 恭造 - Aquviiオーナー (Kyozo Kawabe) / 小林 由美子 (Yumiko Kobayashi)/ 巴 トメ夫 - シカク店主 (Tomeo Tomoe) / 野中 克哉 (Katsuya Nonaka) / 福田 亮 - ELECT magazine編集長 (Ryo Fukuda) / 結城 加代子 - KAYOKOYUKI代表 (Kayoko Yuki) /吉田 アミ (Ami Yoshida)

¥1,000 / Kindle Unlimited / 164 Pages


*This is an e-book of the paper edition; 290mm*220mm -landscape, originally published in 2013.
The order of some pages has been changed when making its e-pub data.


*If you cannot sign in or purchase if from the URL link (above), please change the domain (co.jp) to that of your area's.  e.g.) amazon.co.uk, amazon.com....

Kindle Unlimited is available in these countries (As of September 2019):
US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India and China.

《著者 / Author》

mograg gallery


Opened in 2008 to exhibit "Japanese lowbrow art".
They mainly exhibit paintings as well as organize many shows by artists who we cannot put into a certain category or style.
They are also running a business of incorporating various products from the shows.
Managed by Motoko Ota, owner, and Oki-chu., director/painter.



《Paper Edition》

mograg vol,04
Sixe:/290mm*220mm / Colour&Black and white / 164pages
Price:2,000 Yes(税別, w/o tax )